Holistic Health Center helps clients heal

Dianne Renninger became a massage therapist more than a decade ago for one basic reason: It worked for her.

“I got a massage and saw the benefits,” she said.

Suffering at the time from stomach problems and headaches, there was a lot of stress in her life.

The massages released the tension, took away the aches and pains.

Now, many years later, she owns and operates Holistic Health Center, Williamsport where she helps clients looking to relieve their own tensions and miseries of the body.

Renninger offers a number of therapies including Swedish and Deep Tissue/Connective Tissue massages, Hot Stone Therapy, Neuromuscular/Trigger Point Therapy, and Reflexology.

She employs two massage therapists, Sarah Bobst and Nikki Barbee-Conrad.

In addition, two other independent contractors work out of Renninger’s business at 2063 Lycoming Creek Road.

In essence, clients seeking various types of therapy can find it at Holistic Health Center.

“All in all, there’s five therapists here,” Renninger said.

Among other modalities, independent contractor Judy Shellenberger practices Tuning Fork Therapy.

In involves tapping a tuning fork and placing it on various parts of a client’s body.

It works when the sound generated by the fork travels into the body and stimulates the production of nitric acid which enters surrounding tissues, causing blood vessels to dilate and muscles to relax.

“It is very easy to do with a client,” said Shellenberger, a graduate of Mt. Nittany School of Natural Health and Massage. “It helps get the blood flowing better.”

The therapy can help with pain and stress, improve mental clarity, and enhance energy.

Shellenberger also practices Swedish Massage and is trained in Cancer Massage to help clients dealing with cancer.

Renninger started the Holistic Health Center in 2007.

The Mt. Nittany Institute of Natural Health graduate is passionate about the business.

Helping people, she said, is the best part about her work.

She believes, she said, in healing the whole person – physically, emotionally, spiritually.

I help a lot of people with headaches, fibromyalgia,” she said. “I do massages for people with cancer.”

As a holistic life coach, she can counsel clients too.

“Some people come strictly for life coaching,” she added.

Renninger said she probably sees as many men and women clients as increasing numbers of people are seeing the benefits of what her business can offer.

The majority of her clients she sees on a regular basis.

“It’s really good to treat the problem rather than cover it up,” said Bobst, a Holistic Health massage therapist.

The business offers four therapy rooms.

Renninger also sells some natural supplements.

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