FASTSIGNS: More than just signs

For new companies and businesses, a sign is a

first impression to potential customers, and FASTSIGNS,

535 E. Third St., offers services to help them

put their best foot forward to the community.

The store, which opened in May 2010, offers a

variety of signs, banners and other promotional signage

options. The franchise has over 500 stores in

the United States and Canada, and while “signs” is in

its name, Nicole Miele, owner, said it’s “more of a

visual ideas company.”

“If you can dream it, we can make it,” Miele said.

Choosing the right design and signage helps companies

create an identity, Miele said.

“We’re helping businesses brand themselves,” she

said.Miele said every project and business that comes

to the store is different

than the last, which

keeps things fresh.

Some know exactly

what they want, others

need guided in the


“Sometimes they

have an idea.

Sometimes they don’t

really know,” Miele


FASTSIGNS is there

to help.

“We’re trying to

make it easy,” Miele

said. “People need

these things and don’t

know how to go about


From small to large

signs, Miele said the store

takes on a variety of projects.

She explained that one

customer had a small jewelry

product that wasn’t

being noticed. So FASTSIGNS

created a small

sign to bring attention to it.

Signs can be large, traditional

board signs or letter

cutouts, Miele

explained. Company

graphics also can be

placed directly on vehicles.

Miele said that plain

box trucks are a great

opportunity to give the company recognition.

“Vehicle graphics are huge for us,” she said.

Whatever a business needs to help them grown,

FASTSIGNS believes it can do.

“Whatever their need is they have a new product,

if they are a new business, if they are trying to

rebrand their business,” Miele said. “Any kind of a

challenge, we love it.”

Each sign and graphic is different, which Miele

said makes it fun.

“I love that every job is different,” she said, “and I

love that we can be creative. And I really love that

we can help change a business.”

Miele hopes that the business will continue to

grow in the area and take on new projects. The business,

she said, is more than just traditional signs.

“I hope that people think of us more than a place

to get a banner,” she said.