Kolb Net Works gives firms Internet presence

For over 16 years, Kolb Net Works has offered companies a variety of computer and technology services, including marketing and website development.

“I started the company in 1996,” said Kathy Kolb, president. “And I just love the internet. I’m a true geek.”

Kolb said she grew up interested in communication. She often explored Citizens’ Band radios and had an amateur radio license. As she explained using the internet as a communication tool has always made sense to her.

“It’s another form of world-wide communication,” Kolb said.

After building a website for a local computer club, Kolb said to herself: “I think I can do it.” She then began Kolb Net Works to her skills and services to businesses. The company offers website development

and design, internet marketing services, domain name registration, social media consulting and search engine optimization, among others.

Kolb said her team has worked on numerous websites and always is looking for new customers. In this day and age, Kolb said having a presence on the internet is important for businesses.

And doing it properly is key, as well.

“It can mean the difference between business and profit,” she said.

On, Kolb posts podcast videos to explain her company and services. Team members work on a variety of tasks and services for this line of business, Kolb said after a period of time they can choose to work at home.

And Kolb takes pride in the fact that she hires most who are close to home.

“I use all U.S. Labor mostly Pennsylvania labor,” she said.

Kolb explained that most companies that offer internet services export work to other countries. Kolb said she doesn’t do that because she wants to know the people that are working with her and who she is hiring.

“I want to be able to hold someone responsible,” she said.

Kolb believes that her passion for the internet is why she chose this career path.

She said it shows in her products.

“I think it’s because I love it,” she said. “I like working with websites and I like working with people and companies.”

And as the company continues to grow, Kolb is hoping that her company will continue to “build good websites and keep marketing them.”