Excell Tutoring: Helping students achieve success

For over two years, Excell Tutoring has been providing educational services to the county.

“We tutor all age groups. That goes from kindergarten to adult,” said owner Tom Cordell.

Excell helps adults obtain their GED diploma and gives students help with all subjects. Cordell said with so many federal and state cuts to education, students need extra help outside of the school day.

“I tutored all though my undergraduate in college,” he said. “… My biggest thing is I think there is a desperate need for supplementation (of lessons).”

The tutoring group of nine certified teachers offers a free consult for those interested in learning more about them. Students are able to receive tutoring services in its home office, 346 Broad St., Montoursville, or by having the tutor come to their home.

But, as Cordell noted, it’s not just about the educational benefits for some of the students.

“We’re hoping to not only tutor. But a big thing for us is to build confidence and mentor,” he said.

Cordell said building a relationship with the students is important because usually the problem is outside distractions and not necessarily the content.

“We want to know about the student and we want them to know about us,” Cordell said. “… We want to be very hands-on active.”

He compared the relationship between tutor and students as one of a doctor. There is trust but it’s still professional.

And although school isn’t in session, Cordell said the busiest time of the year for Excell is the summer. He said parents want to make sure their children don’t experience the “summer slide.” Excell also is planning to offer a variety of week-long summer camps.

Cordell said it’s “wonderful” to see students excel in their studies.

“People always thank us but at the end of the day, I always tell them the work was done by the kid,” he said.

And while Excell covers most of the county, they would like make sure every student in the county has the opportunity to receive tutoring services by expanding its service area.

And although he now describes it as a “one-room school house,” Cordell is hoping to open a private academy.

He said it’s been his dream to do so after first going into tutoring.

It wouldn’t be a large school because Cordell still wants an individualized education experience. He also would like it to be a “one-stop deal” with counselors and college admission officials on staff.

“It’s all about finding the right people,” Cordell said.

Cordell said he wants to make sure every student has an opportunity to find their niche.

“Every kid has something unique to bring to the table,” he said. “We just have to find it.”