Hoopla’s has something for everyone

Hoopla’s offers a little bit of something for everyone.

And therein lies the secret to this entertainment center’s success.

Bob Roles, Hoopla’s co-owner, said there’s really nothing quite like it in the region.

“We created a destination,” he said.

There’s plenty of games and amusements for both children and adults to enjoy, but there’s more.

In fact, about 50 percent of people who come to Hoopla’s don’t play the games.

Longshot’s Grill, located inside Hoopla’s, offers up a full menu of lunches and dinners.

In other words, Hoopla’s is a place where the entire family can come.

When Roles and his partner, Dan Klingerman, started up the business three years ago, they envisioned such a place.

“We hit the nail on the head because it works,” Roles said.

People can enjoy a meal at the restaurant, or even a beer at the bar.

With televisions surrounding the dining area, Longshot’s attracts its share of sports fans.

On an given Sunday in the fall, the TV’s show any number of NFL games.

It’s one of the busiest times for the restaurant which seats 128 customers.

“We are open for lunch every day,” he said.

Roles estimated that about half of the patrons who come to Hoopla’s are adults.

While some come to eat, many are there as well to enjoy some of the more than 80 arcade games.

“We always keep the arcade fresh with all the new games,” he said.

Patrons can test their skills at games and win tickets redeemable for prizes.

Mini bowling, Roles said, is a game that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

There’s also the outside miniature golf course, a very popular attraction and open from April to October.

Roles said some 18,000 people played golf last year on the tropical theme course, distinctive with its streams and waterfalls and landscaping.

“Our birthday parties are one of our biggest things,” he said.

Hoopla’s offers several different types of birthday packages, and groups and families can hold the parties in three different areas of the arcade.

Roles, who owned Boardwalk Boulevard in the Lycoming Mall, opened Hoopla’s the day after closing Boardwalk.

He didn’t rule out the possibility of opening up another Hoopla’s in the area.

After all, business at Hoopla’s is increasing every year.

“It does very well,” he said.