ACE Hearing: Finding the right solution

ACE Hearing Center, 1500 Sycamore Road, Montoursville, works with patients to not only find a solution to hearing loss but also educate them so they can continue a life with sound.

“We do whatever we can to find the best possible solution,” said Kristin Hale, owner and audiologist.

The hearing center was founded in 1995 in Bloomsburg. Hale took over the practice in 2011, which includes offices in both Montoursville and Bloomsburg.

Hale said the center, which employs two audiologists and two receptionists, looks to fit its patients with the proper hearing device to help with any hearing loss.

“We deal mostly with adults who have hearing loss,” Hale explained. “We work with a number of different manufacturers of the hearing industry to find an appropriate solution for our clients’ hearing loss.”

In order to equip patients with the proper device, Hale said a staff member discusses the patient’s hearing and what they are experiencing. After identifying the issue, the patient is able to try many different types of hearing devices.

And at no charge, patients even are allowed to take the device with them for a two-week trial. Hale added that this was important as it’s difficult for a patient to properly assess how a device works unless in their normal environment.

“It is an adjustment period for most people when they put (a hearing device) in for the first time,” Hale said.

But education is just as important for patients as a hearing device is, Hale said.

She said that most patients wait an average of seven to 10 years of hearing issues before seeing a specialist.

She added that it’s important to talk with patients about realistic expectations when going through the process of finding the right hearing device.

While some may expect perfect hearing after using a hearing device, Hale said it’s about improved hearing, not perfection.

Those experiencing hearing loss may look to easy and cheap measures, such as television offers, Hale said but there are better results when meeting with a specialist in order to properly assess someone’s issue.

“It is very important to have that face-to-face communication,” Hale said.

She later noted that, “we really try to focus on quality.”

Once a device is selected, the center offers a five-year service agreement, which allows patients to come in for free routine checkups and repairs.

Hale said it feels “amazing” to be able to help improve someone’s quality of life. She added that the center strives to provide a “positive experience” for all patients.