ManorCare offers patients care, support

Offering a number of services, ManorCare Health Services, 300 Leader Drive, looks to give each patient the support and care they need during their time with the facility.

The facility also has offices in Jersey Shore and Sunbury.

ManorCare offers rehabilitation services, long-term care, short-term care and dementia care, according to Amy Moran, admissions director.

The staff consists of nursing, – including registered nurses and certified nursing assistants -activities staff, dieticians, dentists, psychologists and rehabilitation specialists. Having such a wide-variety of staffing allows the facility to care for different needs of patients.

“Our nurses are specially educated to manage clinically complex patients,” Moran said.

Patients seeking the services of ManorCare range from those rehabilitating from an injury for a short time to those who need care for longer periods of time.

“You need to go somewhere you know you’re going to get great care,” Moran said.

And it doesn’t matter the time or day that a patient needs to be admitted to the facility.

“We accept admissions 24 hours a day, seven days a week from the emergency room, doctor’s offices, hospitals and homes,” Moran explained.

She later added: “We are very flexible with families and patients.”

And being so closely located to many different health facilities allows ManorCare to quickly accept new patients when needed.

One aspect of care that sets the facility apart from others, Moran said, is the fact that there is very few turnover in staffing. This allows patients to feel comfortable around the staff as they normally deal with the same individuals throughout their stay.

Many patients, Moran explained, feel “vulnerable” when they first are admitted to a health facility. And by having a welcoming and trusted staff helps that transition.

“Our staff becomes very close with all of our patients,” Moran said. “There’s a special bond (between staff and patients).”

And for those thinking of staying in the facility, ManorCare offers, and recommends, tours before being admitted.

Moran said it helps to make a “smooth transition” for the patient, as they are able to feel comfortable about knowing what to expect.

The facility also offers a number of activities for its patients, including bowling trips, SPCA visits and pottery classes.

A beautician is on the facility’s property also, which is a big deal for patients, Moran said.

“Everybody loves to get pampered,” she said. “When you feel you look good, you feel good about everything.”