PMF Industries continues to grow

Starting more than 50 years ago, PMF Industries Inc., 2601 Reach Road, has used its flowforming technique to build machinery pieces.

PMF is a company that since it first opened its doors in the early 1960s, has continued to grow both in facilities and customers.

“PMF was started by a family in 1961 here in Williamsport,” said John Perrotto, president and general manager of the company.

“They moved to Reach Road in 1965 and built (the company’s current facility).”

PMF uses a variety of processes to manufacture the pieces desired by customers, including welding, rotoforming, heat treating and flowforming an efficient and precise metal forming process.

Ken Healy, vice president, explained that flowforming allows the company to reduce the metal thickness while also reducing the amount of material wasted.

As he put it, it’s a process that is less expensive but is of superior quality.

PMF works with customers across the entire country, along with Canada and Great Britain. The company works with Rolls-Royce, and Pratt and Whitney.

It also builds equipment for the food industry.

It creates ice-cream mixing chambers along with other tools.

“We do all of the slushie machines mixing chambers for 7/11 and Taco Bell,” Perrotto said.

Perrotto noted that aerospace is the company’s fastest-growing segment in terms of sales. The company’s facility has continued to grow as it sits on 10 acres of land and has 125,000 square feet of facilities.

And with the company expanding, so has its work force.

The amount of workers the company now employs has more than doubled in the past 12 years.

The work force has gone from 57 employees in 2001 to 120 currently.

“We have a great team of people,” Healy said.

And in working in such a growing industry, Perrotto said PMF will continue to look to grow its work force.

“We offer good paying jobs to the community as we continue to grow we are looking for talented labor,” he said.

Perrotto said the company enjoys being a part of the Williamsport community as it is strategically located.

“It is centrally located to some of the larger cities,” while also being in a rural setting, he noted.

Healy said that it is “fascinating” to be able to see all of the new products the company makes.

He added that the company and its employees are the first to see the new products from concept to production, which always is enjoyable.

“I love the idea of seeing concept to final design,” he said.