Tanya’s dresses to impress

What started as a fabric and alteration business has quickly grown into much more as Tanya’s, 1307 Memorial Ave., now offers dresses and tuxedos for all occasions.

Tanya’s, which also has locations in Montoursville and Lewisburg, provides clothing for all special occasions.

From wedding dresses to tuxedos to prom dresses, the store looks to provide a relaxing environment for customers.

Tanya Rice, owner, explained that while primarily being a fabric and alteration business, it quickly turned to dress sales.

“I always wanted the bridal business,” she said. “I always made the dresses and at one point, you get tired and you think, ‘I should be stocking them and selling them.'”

Once she was able to, Rice also bought Dance Plus from its previous owner, which allowed the business to not only specialize in formal dresswear but dance costumes, as well.

Rice explained that she previously had done work for dance studios already so it was a natural partnership.

And the growth continued. After already having the dance and formal dress aspects, Rice added tuxedos to the mix.

As she explained, making it a business that both the male and female could come to made it easy for the couple.

“We were already getting the woman, so it’s time to get the men,” Rice said.

With being in the bridal business, Rice said it’s important that she take care of their needs. She added that finding the right dress is important and that it’s a joy to be a small part of their “big day.”

“I just know that brides dream about the big day all of their lives and I just want to make it special,” she said.

Customers are given the room and freedom to try on multiple outfits and feel comfortable during their shopping experience, Rice said.

In the bridal section of the Williamsport store, a runway in a large room allows brides-to-be room to make their decision.

The tuxedo section, more towards the front of the store, allows the couple to come at the same time to shop without being able to see each other.

But Rice added that she wants the customers to feel comfortable with each decision and doesn’t pressure for a quick one.

“We don’t pressure them. If they want to take a few days, a few weeks to think about it, that’s fine,” she said.

Overall, Rice is happy to be a part of her customer’s special occasions, whether it be prom, a dance recital or wedding day.

“It just makes all of us happy that we are a part of that,” she said.