Hiller’s keeps area homes warm in winter

JERSEY SHORE – While temperatures are beginning to cool off around the region, business at Hiller’s Fuel Oil Company, 1323 Cemetery St., Jersey Shore, is heating up as it continues another heating season.

Hiller’s has been offering heating oil and service in Jersey Shore for the past 60 years. The business sells home heating oil, commercial diesel for well sites and services HVAC units.

The business also sells propane, kerosene and gasoline.

Ryan Hamilton, who took over management in April, has been working in the business since he was 15 years old. He took over the business from the parents of his wife, Heather.

With his experience in the industry, Hamilton said it was an easy choice to go into the business.

“I was good at it. It just came naturally,” he said, adding that he’s worked in several other similar businesses and is bringing all of that knowledge with him as he takes over Hiller’s.

Hiller’s employs eight individuals, but as work continues to pick up in the winter months, Hamilton said more could be added.

Being locally owned and operated, Hamilton said he’s loyal to his customers who have been loyal to him. He said he will do what he can to help them, no matter what the day or time.

“We’ll get you up and running,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton said he’s willing to pick up the phone at any time for one of his loyal customers to make sure they get the help and service they need.

And if there’s a problem, Hamilton will handle it personally. He said he is involved in every process of the company and wants customers to be taken care of.

“If you have a problem, I’m on the phone,” Hamilton said. “I’ll personally straighten it out.”

And knowing just how much work has gone into his business, Hamilton said he wants to make sure his customers are happy.

“A lot of long hours, a lot of time away from my family to get to this point,” he said.

Hamilton added that since Hiller’s is a local business, he finds it important to be a part of the community. He said he has pride in the area and wants to help however he can.

“We’re locally owned and operated,” he said. ” This is such a small town that if people see I’m trying to be a contributing part, that goes a long way for me.”