Working to reduce patient pain

One is a chiropractor, the other is an anesthesiologist. Together, they have teamed up to offer what they feel is the very best in pain management services for this area.

“It’s to give patients a better option,” said Dr. Brian Tokash, a chiropractor and owner of Advanced Pain Management & Rehabilitation, 100 Eck Circle, Williamsport.

Tokash and Dr. Demetrius Christoforatos, an anesthesiologist with pain management expertise, are a “perfect complement” to each other, he said.

Pain, Christoforatos said, calls for “a multi-disciplinary approach.”

It means treating the patient as a whole.

The two work together not only to get at the root of a patient’s problem, they consult with other health care professionals not affiliated with their practice.

It means communicating as best as possible with the patient.

And, it can mean aspects of health care not often thought to be linked to pain.

“Patients have to be taken care of by everyone,” Christoforatos said.

The two doctors bring different skills to the table.

Chiropractic medicine often involves manipulating the spine to relieve pain, but as Tokash put it, “Some conditions I can’t treat.”

For example, Christoforatos can provide acupuncture in addition to providing more traditional approaches to medicine. People often associate pain to an injury, often caused by some type of accident.

But pain can often be linked to other factors.

“The way we walk and use muscles can determine pain,” Christoforatos said.

And many patients can derive great benefits from counseling or improved nutrition.

As a physician, it feels good for Christoforatos to help patients alleviate misery and get back to the joys of everyday living.

Perhaps it’s just the simple act of having the ability once again to pick up a grandchild without experiencing pain.

“One of the most rewarding things is improving their futures,” added Tokash.

Patients come to their practice after having pursued other treatments. Still, others seek out the doctors for initial treatment.

“We provide diagnostic ultrasounds,” Tokash said. “We also do massage therapy here.”

The practice is equipped with a rehabilitation unit complete with exercise equipment.

The two are eventually hoping to offer prolotherapy, a complementary treatment for muscle and joint pain, involving repeated injections of an irritant solution into part of a joint.

The irritant, usually a sugar solution, is thought to trigger growth in the connective tissue of the joint, eventually leading to reduced pain, according to the website.

The practice can be found directly behind McDonald’s on the Golden Strip.

The phone number is 322-1245.