Brelsford Motors: A family tradition

MUNCY – With eight members of the Brelsford family working at Brelsford Motors, 37 N. Main St., Muncy, throughout its more than 90 years of operation, the company is a true family business.

“It’s tough at times, but we’re pretty close,” said Gary Brelsford, owner of the business, about working with family members.

The business was started by Gary’s grandfather, George M. Brelsford, in 1921. The business began as a dealership along with a garage for repairs. George Brelsford sold the Reo automobile. The business continued selling vehicles for more than 50 years.

But after Hurricane Agnes hit the area in 1972, the business turned to only a repairs garage.

Since taking over the business from his father, Glenn, Gary Brelsford has helped to grow the business, which is housed in the same building it started at more than 90 years later.

Brelsford Motors offers towing services, auto services – including oil changes, mechanical repairs, and tire sales and rotations – and state inspections.

As Brelsford said, the business does “everything.”

When asked why he enjoys being in this line of business, Brelsford said he grew up around it.

“I was born into it. I’ve been towing for 52 years,” he said.

Four other Brelsfords work at the business, including his brother and sister.

And the experience shows as many customers keep coming back.

“Most of our customers are people we know,” Brelsford said. “We try to be the best with them and they keep coming back.”

The business has updated its facility in the past few years to work on gas company vehicles. Brelsford Motors has installed larger garage doors and added vehicle lifts that can handle heavier weights.

Throughout the years, Brelsford said the business has done its best to serve the community. He said although it has not always been easy, the business is proud to be heading towards a century of service.

“There’s been some hard times, but we’ve always been able to pull stuff together,” he said.