FayJan Tools: A problem-solving company

MONTGOMERY – FayJan Tools, 6751 Route 15 Highway, Montgomery, has been supplying the area with industry tools for more than 50 years.

The company sells a number of products, including grinders, air tools and saw blades, but is known as a premier 3M industrial distributor.

Bill Yeagle, who owns the business with his wife, Karen, explained that a premier 3M business is one that focuses on abrasive, adhesive, tapes and safety products and is locally owned. FayJan is one of less than 100 in the country to have the premier 3M distinction.

The business has grown since it began in 1960. What began as a small business started in a garage has grown to served the eastern part of Pennsylvania.

Yeagle explained that Karl Ditmer began the business in his garage, seeing a need for it.

“He started it in his garage,” Yeagle said. “He saw there was a need for an industrial supplier in town.”

Ditmer also gave the company it’s unique name, FayJan. Yeagle explained that it was a combination of Ditmer’s wife’s name, Faye, and daughter’s name, Janet.

The Yeagles said they thought of changing it when they bought the business in 2000, but didn’t because it was so unique that many customers remembered it.

The company, which employs 12 individuals, also has expanded adding a branch store in York.

When asked what they enjoy about working in the business, the Yeagles said they enjoy being the solution to many companies’ problems.

“It’s the challenge of solving problems,” said Bill Yeagle. “Customers come to us with needs in the manufacturing process.”

“We strive to be a solution company” added Karen Yeagle.

Bill Yeagle said that being able to find a solution is something that sets them a part from others in the same line of business.

“We set ourselves a part by problem solving and outsourcing the competitors,” he said.

Going forward, the company would like to diversify in the products it offers.

Karen Yeagle explained that with gas companies moving into the area, it would like to focus on adding safety equipment into its selection.

Bill Yeagle added that he also would like to grow the company. He said the company hopes to open a new market by expanding their coverage area.

“We would like to expand our foot print westward,” he said.