ParenteBeard: Accounting choice for many

ParenteBeard is ranked as one of the top 25 accounting and business advisory firms in the U.S.

And it has an office right in downtown Williamsport at 400 Market St.

For the past 30 years, the professionals at ParenteBeard have handled local clients in need of auditing and accounting services, tax help, and business consulting.

The diverse types of services the firm handles sets it apart, according to Andy Nichols, a Williamsport native and a partner in the firm.

“We touch a lot of different industries,” he said.

With some 30 employees, including a number of certified public accountants, the firm brings plenty of experience and knowledge to the table.

But if there is something that can’t be answered quite readily for a client at the Williamsport office, that doesn’t mean the problem can’t be solved.

“We have resources all over the place,” said Nichols. “That’s one of our big benefits.”

The company is an independent member of Baker Tilly International, an affiliate network of 156 accounting and consulting firms,

Nichols said ParenteBeard is comfortable with its many longtime clients.

“We try to be small town-oriented,” he said.

In essence, there are few questions that the company can’t resolve for a client.

Deb Bowes, a partner in the firm, said it’s quite likely that someone right in the Williamsport office is up to the task.

“Our list of industries is just so broad,” she said.

The company draws its clients from among health care, education, manufacturing and other employers.

Nichols said the firm has managed to maintain its core clients too.

And most of the ParenteBeard’s employees have been there a long time.

“We are consistently adding one or two people a year,” Bowes said.

Among the most challenging aspects of the business, she said, is meeting the constant deadlines.

Nichols added that staying abreast of the ever-changing regulations of the industry is also a challenge.

The end of the year ultimately is a busy time for the firm, although there is no real down time.

“Being a CPA (certified public accountant) is not for everyone,” Nichols said. “There’s a lot of hours.”

They agree that working in Williamsport is a good place to be.

“Williamsport is a great fit for us,” Nichols said.