Maximum Nutrition: Options for changes

Offering supplements and other nutritional tools for more than a year, Maximum Nutrition, 159 Washington Boulevard, continues to give area residents resources for improving their health.

“It’s important (to think about your health),” because during this time, people don’t stop and think about themselves,” said Jennifer Luckenbill, owner. “Life is so busy so people don’t eat the way they should.”

Along with health and nutrition supplements, the business, which opened in September 2012, offers two tanning beds and a made-to-order smoothie bar.

Luckenbill explained that she worked in the nutrition retail industry for six years before she decided to open her own store with the help of her husband, Brett.

Luckenbill’s business offers natural vitamins, weight-loss and weight-gain supplements, and post-workout supplements. She noted that customers can see changes in their health and appearance after using their products over time.

“One day may not make a difference but think about 30 days,” Luckenbill said of making changes in one’s routine for the benefit of their health.

She said seeing the change customers are making is a great reward to owning the business. One of her customers lost 80 pounds after shopping at her store.

“You see the same faces over time,” Luckenbill said of returning customers. “We’ve changed people’s lives.”

With the help of Maximum Nutrition’s staff, customers feel comfortable with finding the right produce for them, Luckenbill said. She explained that staff members go over a number of options with customers so they can find exactly what they need.

And if the store doesn’t have it, they’ll find it.

Luckenbill explained that it’s difficult to have every product in the store, but she will find something that a customer would like if she can.

“If they let us know what they’re looking for, we’ll research it,” Luckenbill said.

Being a locally-owned business helps Maximum Nutrition create close relationships with customers, Luckenbill said. She said the store’s staff takes a great interest in its patrons, unlike big chains.

“We’re not a chain,” she said. “We started from scratch.”

And as the business continues to grow in customers, Luckenbill hopes that it can expand into other areas. She said that the business will look into opening additional stores in other parts of the region.

“We’re growing everyday,” Luckenbill said.