CR Restaurant Inc. a community staple

Like their signature burgers and fries, CR Restaurant Inc.’s Burger King stores have been a staple in the community for more than 30 years.

The company, which started in 1979, has grown much over the years. Since it first opened its restaurant at 50 Maynard St. in the city, it has continued to add Burger Kings throughout the region.

Today, the company owns Burger Kings by the Lycoming Mall, in Lock Haven, Shamokin Dam, Danville and Berwick, among others.

But in that first Maynard restaurant was Assistant Manager Diane Dorner, now the managing director for the company. She explained that for her, the company was a chance at working with the public.

“I didn’t want a job where I sat in an office all day,” she said. ” I like people. I couldn’t see myself sitting at in an office with a computer by myself all day.”

Dorner chose the food business because there is a new challenge everyday.

“Everyday is something different,” she said.

Purchased in 2008 by Baltimore-based Tom Herman, the company employs about 400 hourly employees, 40 full-time management team members, and three administrative staff.

Dorner said the success of the business has come from the many loyal employees that have provided stability over the years.

“We have some people in our restaurants that have been employed for 10 to 15 years,” she said. “We’ve been pretty lucky in our towns that we have those core people.”

And like she did with the Maynard Street restaurant, Dorner said the company is good at rewarding those who give their best.

“The thing I like about our company is we try to promote within first,” she said. “We try to look at key people that have a future in management.”

Dorner said the company continues to look at ways of connecting with the community.

Dorner listed a number of activities and ways the company is involved with community organizations and interests.

Along with work with the local colleges, organizations and the Polar Express, the company also works with the Keystone Cruiser car show.

The event takes place in the Maynard restaurant’s parking lot each year and the company provides music and coupons for its products.

“Our philosophy is always what you give is what you get back. I think that’s so, so true.”

But at the end of the day, Dorner said company is successful because of its product.

“We give (customers) what they expect for what they pay for,” she said.