Choice Carpet Cleaners: From the ground up

Choice Carpet Cleaners has been providing carpet cleaning and janitorial services for the past 20 years in Lycoming County. Tim and Greg Montgomery took a leap of faith to start their own business, and have been successful ever since.

The Montgomery brothers started out working for another cleaning company in the 1980s and worked there for about six years. Tim was working as the general manager, and Greg was a manager. They always talked about going into business by themselves, and in 1991 they decided to go for it.

They were hoping to buy the cleaning company, they were already working for, from the owner, who was looking to sell, but did not want to sell to them.

With the encouragement from their dad, the brothers went to look at a cleaning van that was for sale. After some thought, they decided to buy the van and open their own business. They were only in their 20s at the time.

“I was hesitant in doing it, because I was making good money working for the other guy,” said Tim.

In 1992, the brothers bought a small janitorial service and added that to the van. There were some struggles along the way when starting up the new business.

“We were pretty young when we started our own business,” Tim said.

“It was a struggle the way we did it, we left the other business and started out on our own with just a van and then bought the janitorial service. My wife was 6-7 months pregnant at the time and we had just bought a house.” Greg.

Since then the business has been a success for the brothers. Tim, Greg and their seven employees currently provide their services to 27 buildings each week. Choice Carpet Cleaners services include: Carpet cleaning, done by Tim and Greg, janitorial services, strip and wax BCT tile, scrub ceramic tiles and buff floors. The company currently has two vans that are equipped with carpet cleaning units in them.

They only do strictly commercial and industrial buildings. They do not provide maid service. However, the company will go in and clean up a house for a Realtor before they show the house.

Some family members have helped by working with the company. When they first started out, their parents would help them by going into buildings and clean them for the business. Their mother was also their bookkeeper for many years.

“Without them (parents) we wouldn’t have been able to do it,” said Tim.

Their sister, Robin Glace, also works for them as a sub contractor and helps clean some buildings through her own cleaning business.

The company no longer does any advertising, with the exception of an add in the phone book, so people can look them up. The business depends on word of mouth and has been successful with that method for the past 15 years.

Although they no longer advertise, they still stay true to their slogan, “We clean your carpet, not your wallet!”