Edkin Tap Services: A family affair

While Eric Edkin may be a relatively new face in the tap service business, his family is not.

Edkin started Edkin Tap Services last July after his father-in-law, Larry Koch, invited him into the business.

“My father-in-law started in 1974. It was just him and another guy,” Edkin said. When Koch’s partner wanted to retire, Koch asked if Edkin would be interested in taking over his route. Edkin’s brother-in-law also works in the tap service business.

Edkin’s Tap Services, which offers cleaning services for local establishment’s beer taps and lines, has been going well for Edkin ever since. Many of his customers are inherited, but he’s picked up a few on his own since starting his company.

Edkin’s learned a lot from Koch and on-the-job, and offers a great service to his customers.

“Customer relations and customer’s being happy – there’s not even a close second. That’s our number one goal,” Edkin said.

He feels close to his customers and says they’re almost like family to him. He shared that his clients often ask about his wife and family and show a genuine interest in his life that he reciprocates.

Edkin keeps a pretty packed schedule from day to day. He starts most mornings in the bar at 5:30 a.m. and on Fridays he starts at 4:30. Each tap needs to be serviced once a week, so each client he deals with has a specific time slot on a specific day. Getting behind at one stop can knock his whole schedule out of whack. This can make figuring out holidays particularly difficult.

“If people are closed on a holiday, you’ve got to figure out how to fit them in with a full schedule on Thursday,” Edkin said.

And nowadays, there’s the matter of bars having more taps to clean, a change since Koch started his business 40 years ago. Koch shared that he used to be able to cover 100 stops during a week, but with the increased number of beer taps at each establishment, that schedule would be impossible to keep up with now.

One thing that sets Edkin’s Tap Services apart from other similar businesses is that it is a limited liability company, so it’s fully insured and registered with the city’s chamber of commerce.

Another difference: Since the business has grown, Edkin has started to offer another service to his customers. He has a beverage trailer available for rent for parties and other events. The trailer accommodates six beer kegs and four soda canisters. Edkin’s offers free trailer delivery within Lycoming and Clinton Counties.

Since he acquired the trailer in April, Edkin says he has had several rental customers who have enjoyed the service. He mentioned it is particularly popular for weddings.

As his business continues to flourish, Edkin hopes that he can keep it in the family.

“It’s something I’d like to hand over to my son one day,” he said.

Those interested in Edkin’s Tap Services may call 570-772-3196 or email eric.edkin@gmail.com.