Bostley Child Care makes learning fun

Safety, supervision, education and fun.

These are the values that Bostley Child Care and Preschool Learning Centers promise to provide for children enrolled in their care centers.

The day care provider has four centers, its main hub is at 1504 Broad St., Montoursville; the others are located at 1743 Dewey Ave., 918 Walnut St. and 571 Route 405 in Hughesville.

The first center opened its doors in 1980. Bostley’s currently serves approximately 300 children from 3 months to 11-years-old, Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

“We provide a place for children to have a wonderful day, be educated and be safe,” said Vanessa Holmes, executive director of Bostley’s and the director of the Montoursville-Fairfield center.

Children are separated by age for their educational programs at the center and are typically with kids within 6 months to a year of their own age range. The preschool age kids that go through the program have their own curriculum that follows the core-knowledge curriculum, a program that educators created that identifies the areas of knowledge children should know before they enter school, Holmes said.

A typical day for a child in the preschool program starts off with free play until 8:30 a.m., when their program for the day begins with circle time, art, music and math learning.

Following the learning times, kids have inside and outside play time. During lunch, teachers eat with the kids to teach them manners. Kids have a nap time, snack and free play and socialization.

For the older kids, after school programs are offered in the Hughesville and Montoursville centers. These programs provide time for the kids to do their homework. Buses from the school districts travel to and from the centers.

During the summer when the school-age kids are at the center all day, Bostley’s does a program with a theme for each week that encourages learning.

The theme for this summer was “World Adventures.”

Kids experiences cooking, games and art projects from other areas of the world.

Enrollment at the center tends to trickle through the family. Siblings often will come through the program. Holmes, who’s worked with the center for several years and taught at Fairfield Academy, now has the unique experience of seeing the children of former students.

“Just seeing the kids and their growth and the changes they’ve had…is rewarding,” Holmes said.

Other children join the program after parents have heard about the school from other parents. The center also does radio advertising and has a Facebook page and a website,

As with any other business, the day care center faces its fair share of challenges, and Holmes has her work cut out for her some days. On less-than-ideal days, Holmes and the staff keep at it to provide an enjoyable experience for the children.

“You’re going to have challenges with everything. There’s always things that happen. Ultimately, it comes down to what can we do to make the day best day possible for the kids,” Holmes said.

During the hard times, Bostley’s has a large and capable staff to keep things under control. There are 18 staff members at the Montoursville center, 12 at the Dewey Ave. center, 12 at the Hughesville center and 15 at the Walnut St. center.

As for the future, Holmes doesn’t know what’s in store, but knows that she and the rest of the staff will do the most they can to ensure that the school continues to live up to its high standard of child care.

“It’s most important that we have a solid foundation for the kids,” she said.