McNerney, Page dedicated to client service

Celebrating 75 years of business this year, the lawyers at McNerney, Page, Vanderlin and Hall know what makes a successful firm.

“McNerney started out committed to the community and to clients, and we’ve worked hard to stay that way for 75 years,” attorney Max Hall said. “The community and the client are the most important thing.”

That approach seems to be working. The firm, started in 1939 by Joseph McNerney, is still going strong today.

Tom Marshall, the current managing partner for the firm, said the practice serves a general council for small and large businesses and represents local, regional, national and international clients.

Among the firm’s dedicated clients is Little League, which McNerney, Page has served for the past 40 years.

The law firm keeps up its client base through loyalty from old clients over the years, a value that attorneys embrace as soon as they walk through the door at the firm. Their reputation for quality service helps draw in new clients that keep the business growing.

“Our number one source of referrals comes from satisfied clients. Delivering quality and affordable service is the best way to promote ourselves,” Marshall said.

McNerney, Page serves a counsel to many businesses, handles estate planning and administration, elder law, banking law, labor and employment law, adoption and civil litigation. The firm also has been active in land-owner gas based law practices and does a lot of legal work pro bono.

Throughout the years, the business has had to adapt to the changing world around it.

“Clients are more sophisticated now, so our practice has evolved to become more sophisticated to serve those needs,” Marshall said.

Many of the services handled in the firm are all done through technology based delivery. Hall recalled a time when there was an entire floor of the practice dedicated to the library. He commented that with the technology that is in use now, the firm could probably eliminate the library they have.

Still, the lawyers embrace their roots of keeping it personal with the client.

“There is no substitute for face-to-face contact and relationship with our clients,” Marshall said.

Another factor of success for the firm are the close-knit relationships within the business.

“What’s so important to a successful law firm is camaraderie,” Hall said.

The lawyers at the firm really support each other and have a good rapport. They support each other, share responsibilities and ultimately share results.

Going into the future, Marshall anticipates continued growth for the firm’s services as a greater need rises with the growing population. Marshall says the firm will likely hire more staff and attorneys to meet the need of growing demands.

“We enjoy a great diversity of age and experience with our attorneys, so we’re well prepared to meet the clients need and grow,” he said.