Patinaz: Home to handcrafted jewelry

Suzette Mason and Jule Hanford have made a permanent home for themselves with their handcrafted jewelry and artisan store, Patinaz.

The two Williamsport residents spent years traveling around the state to showcase their jewelry at arts fairs, Mason for 16 years, Hanford for 21. Though they are big fans of these festivals, Hanford says they wanted a place to call home.

For the past three years, that place has been Patinaz; a store where they can display their jewelry lines “Jules Artwear” and “Simply Sterling Designs”, as well as the works of other local artists. The duo originally opened a boutique on Pine St. but the entrepreneurs said business was booming, so they searched for a new location, finding it at 38 W. Fourth St.

This new space displays handcrafted finery on exposed brick walls that meet hardwood floors. There is no need for Mason and Hanford to purchase decorations for their store, the eclectic pieces for sale accent their charming shop.

The owners are proud to say that almost all the works they sell are made by Pennsylvania artists. Only two are from out of state.

“This isn’t clothes you’re going to find at the mall,” said Mason. “It’s all boutique lines, all made in the USA”

Patinaz sells fine craft photography, garden art, homemade soaps and lotions, wood turnings and many other works of art from pottery to handmade textiles.

The boutique just started selling clothing last fall and they say it has been a successful addition to their business.

In fact, the newest addition to Patinaz’s collection is a handcrafted clothing line by Lewisburg artist Ricki Lee Moler, called “Gazebo Textiles”.

Both Mason and Hanford create handcrafted jewelry and sell separate lines, which makes them competitors. They believe this makes them a great fit as business partners.

“We are direct competition for each other. We display side by side but we have two separate lines” Handford said. “We shared a lot of the same customers at art festivals and now they can come shop us both in one place.”

The pair says they communicate well and are running a successful business together. It might surprise people to know that they are competitors.

“We have so much fun together,” Mason said.

Mason and Hanford say they chose Williamsport to settle down because they think the downtown area is growing and they want themselves and the 50 other artists they consign to be part of that.

“We love downtown Williamsport,” said Mason, “We love where it’s going and want to bring customers here to support the local community.”

For more information on Patinaz call 570-321-1944, or visit