Print Shoppe not a regular paper supplier

Not just a regular paper supply shop, the Print Shoppe, of Williamsport, expanded into a one-stop shop this year for all printing needs.

“The shop’s been in business over 30 years, but we just purchased it in August of last year. We are merging our graphics business into what was a primarily paper printing business,” said Jason Chopick, co-owner of the Print Shoppe.

He co-owns the shop with his wife, Tiffany Chopick. She heads up the sales force.

“Now it’s wide format graphics, banners, store front signs, vehicle wraps as well as everything it used to do,” Chopick said.

Chopick has a background with graphics, and the purchase of the Print Shoppe was to bring his love of graphic design and merge it with the printing store. For 30 years, the shop only dealt with paper products. Now digital printing, white format, vehicle advertising wraps and any vinyl graphics can happen at the shop.

“We do a lot of motocross graphics, which is bikes, dirt bikes, ATVs,” he said. “People would generally never associate the Print Shoppe with doing something like that because they just haven’t done it in the past 30 years, but that’s part of what we do now.”

Chopick, who is also an army veteran with five years of service as a systems analyst, picked Williamsport as his ideal location.

“I grew up here. I moved away for 18 years. I had a graphic shop out in Indiana, but we decided we wanted to come back home,” he said. “I was looking for an opportunity to add to an existing business. When we got together to see what we could add to an existing book, it just made sense.”

Customers can still purchase all of their regular paper products from the store, including flyers, business cards, posters, booklets, envelopes, labels and wedding invitations.

“We do work for everyone, the person that comes in for wedding invitations all the way up to the corporation that needs vehicle work done,” Chopick said. “We also do a lot of work for wholesale companies.”

In fact, the shop has a referral special going on until March 31.

“You can receive 250 business letterheads. So, you are an existing customer of ours, and you refer us to another business. They come in, purchase something, and you both get 250 free business cards or letterheads,” he said.

The shop will have different specials throughout the year.

“We’re just trying to get our name out there,” he said.