View of lake makes apartments a nice draw

SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT Lakeview Apartments are already in a beautiful enough setting, but there’s more to residential living here than meets the eye.

Surrounding what used to be Mountain Beach, the former popular swim destination for those seeking to cool off in the middle part of the last century, and within walking distance of the Little League World Series headquarters, the apartments at 948 Main St. are easily accessible to Route 15 and anywhere in the Williamsport area.

Now, the owners are planning new construction for June of this year and additional apartment complexes that are expected to be completed by May 2017.

“We’re adding 36 apartments in two buildings,” said Lynn Hansel, community manager.

These will be 18 one-bedroom and one-bath apartments and 18 two-bedroom and two-bath apartments, she said.

With 102 apartments existing today, that will bring the total apartments to 138, she said.

Construction begins soon and the residents won’t be too impacted by the work, she noted.

The apartments will have washer-dryer units and a fitness center, Hansel said.

For tenants with maintenance needs, Les Ohl, the building service manager, is at their beckon call.

The apartments and the parent company, Berger Rental Communities of Wayne rent to a mix of professionals and retirees, pretty much anyone who qualified based on the rental criteria, Hansel said.

“Turnover is low,” said Katherine Smith, regional property manager. “The natural gas industry has had a positive impact to some extent.”

The apartments have laundry facilities for each building. Appliances are included, such as dishwashers and they are climate controlled, with central air conditioning and heating systems.

Inside, the apartments are carpeted throughout with vinyl flooring for the kitchens.

Lakeview Apartments joined the Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce about three years ago.