The Comic Shop: Everything for everyone

Whether you’re looking for something faster than a speeding bullet or are curious about what happened between Hawkeye and Black Widow in Budapest, look no further than the Comic Shop LLC.

The shop opened its doors in November on 218 S. Market St., South Williamsport to provide a wide selection of comic books, collectibles, cartridge video games and vinyl records, according to Chad Renn co-owner.

There is a little of everything for everyone, he said.

Whether a customer is interested in popular Marvel or DC stories, they have current issues coming in monthly, said Kevin Klees, store manager.

“Star Wars,” “Jessica Jones” and “Deadpool” comics have become increasingly popular due to the two films and the Netflix original series, he said. They can’t keep “Jessica Jones” books on the shelves.

“People want to know more,” he said referring to what happens to the characters beyond what a person sees on screen.

Besides popular comics, the store also has independent and lesser-known publishers available, said Renn.

If they do not have something in-stock, customers can order it through their previews program, he said. Previews is a subscription program that allows regular customers to get the books they want and a 10 percent discount off their order.

“They can order anything they’s like a Toys ‘R’ Us catalog,” said Klees.

With sites like Amazon and eBay it can be difficult to beat their low prices with free two-day shipping, said Renn. To compete with that, the shop will match the prices in order to keep customers coming to the store.

Visiting the shop also provides an experience that somebody cannot get online.

They have product knowledge and can tell customers about the comics because they read what gets sent to the store, said Klees.

Him and Renn said they create a friendly atmosphere where they can build solid customer relationships.

“We keep the platform open for suggestions so (customers) get what they want,” said Renn.

The Comic Shop will hold its grand opening from noon to 1 p.m. on May 6 at the store.

Free Comic Book Day is on May 7 where they will have hundreds of comics for customers to choose from.