Davis Insurance: More than four decades of quality

For over 40 years, Davis Insurance Agency has been serving the needs of the greater Williamsport area.

“Our agency was started in 1973 on the front porch of a house in Lock Haven,” said Mark Davis Sr., president of Davis Insurance Agency.

Davis said that the agency was originally founded by his brother, Tom Davis. It has stayed in the family and even has become multi-generational with Davis’s son, Mark Davis Jr., joining the company as well.

“I had desire to be in the insurance business,” Davis said. “We’re pretty passionate about it.”

Davis said one thing he likes about being in the insurance business is the challenge of constantly learning new things.

Today, the agency has 13 different locations in the state, including the Williamsport location, which has been around for about 25 years.

He said that there are job opportunities available with the company, but that it’s often overlooked as a profession.

“Traditionally, you don’t have your high school guidance counselor saying, ‘boy, you should go into insurance,'” Davis said. “I think they should.”

Davis said it’s a steady profession.

“The insurance industry is an important industry. Everybody needs it. It’s required by law. It’s required by financial institutions,” he said. “Every town has them.”

He said that insurance is also important to have, besides being required by law.

“There’s so many people out there that probably don’t carry the proper coverage for their personal belongings,” Davis said. “Unfortunately, there’s so many stories out there that there’s a fire on the news. People are out of their apartments and don’t have coverage.”

He said that renters insurance is often overlooked.

“They just don’t think about it,” he said. “Insurance is one of those things that’s kind of a pain, a little expensive, but sure nice to have when you need it.”

The general idea behind insurance is to make sure everything is taken care of in time of emergency, and those are hard to predict.

“It’s really nice to have when you need it,” he said. “You can put yourself in debt real quick otherwise.”

With Davis Insurance Agency, all different types of insurances can be offered. Finding the right insurance for a person’s specific needs can feel overwhelming to do alone.

“We would love to have a person to person consultation to review their insurance needs,” Davis said. “Everybody’s needs are different. Everybody has different assets. Everybody has different liabilities.”

The licensed agents are happy to sit down and work out all the different options at an affordable cost.

“We’re always trying to save you money,” he said. “We represent over 40 insurance companies. We’re an independent insurance agency.”

Because they don’t have one company to work for, they can compare rates to show options.

“We can provide you with probably 20 different insurance quotes and say, ‘here’s what the market’s like,'” Davis said.

With long-term employees on staff where many have worked for over 20 years, all of the licensed agents know how to find the right insurance plans to meet clients’ needs.

“We want you to buy insurance smart. A consultation with our agency can give you the most value for your dollar which would pay off in the long run,” Davis said.

To schedule a consultation, call 570-322-5800.

For more information, visit www.davisinsurance.com/.