Dream realized with Muncy jewelry store

MUNCY – J.L. Winters Jewelers opened its doors 23 years ago at its 1460 John Brady Drive location. Owner Jodi Winters has dreamed of opening her own jewelry store since she started selling jewelry in the late 70s.

Her goal is to help her customers get what they want, she said.

With the help of her employees Tammy Marchese, office manager, and Tyler Morton, assistant manager, they work with people to find what works for their style and budget.

Winters said independent jewelers have the best prices.

She is able to provide low costs and high quality products because she goes to shows across the country and participates in different groups.

The groups she participates in get reduced prices on pieces so she is able to pass those low prices on to her customers, she said.

The shop’s fortes are engagement rings and loose diamonds with hundreds of options to pick from.

Customers can customize their rings to their liking, she said.

People can select specialty cut diamonds that range from 74-101 facets, she said. They can pick the size, quality, cut, color and shape of their diamond.

By using the program AutoCAD, they are able to create any customized ring a customer desires, said Morton.

On the bands they are also able to do unique hand carved designs, said Winters.

They are also able to remount old stones on to new bands.

Winters said for one customer brought in a ring to get remounted.

The end result was taking the diamond and putting it on a vintage style band, making the ring a beautiful, unique piece.

She also has the option for customers to open a credit card with her that has free financing for the first 24 months, she said. When a person opens one, they will receive a free gift just for opening it.

Besides diamonds, the store has a large stock of Citizens watches, Jennifer Lopez Endless bracelets, Benchmark wedding bands, Leslie’s chains, Rhythm of Love necklaces, Gabriel and Company pieces and more.

Each piece purchased at the store has a lifetime warranty.