East End Lumber: A century of reliability

A leader in local economy since it was established in 1905, East End Lumber Company, 544 East Third St., is now under new ownership with the business partners Al Clapps, Frank Pellegrino and David Hornberger, president and managing partner.

The business originally catered to lumber and coal needs of the area until the mid 1920s when it shifted more toward home improvements. Hornberger said that currently, the plans are to expand the contracting side of the business.

“Probably the best kept secret of this place is the fact that we’re contractors also,” Hornberger said. “We have the store, and we have the lumber yard. We’re also contractors.”

Hornberger said the company does roofing, siding, windows, doors and is looking to expand with more interior renovations.

“We have our own employees as our contacting crew. We don’t sub-contract labor,” he said. “All of my guys on those crews have an average of 30 years with the company. So, we have a lot of experience with the construction end.”

Hornberger wants to expand the contracting side of the company.

“It’s the side of the business I want to grow,” he said.

With that expansion, he said the store is likely to have a new look.

“Hopefully this fall, we’re going to do a store make-over,” Hornberger said. “We’ll have a bigger presence of a showroom so we can showcase our windows, siding and roofing. People can come in and pick out their windows, doors and everything.”

Hornberger, an active member of the community who is also on the Loyalsock Township School Board, said he wanted to have a local business in the area. When he heard it was for sale, he could not let the opportunity pass.

“It’s about preserving local jobs for the local economy,” he said.

More than his passion for the area, Hornberger has had an interest in construction all of his life, so the opportunity to have a construction business in Williamsport felt like a dream job to him.

“I have a 30 year career in the electric sign industry, but I’ve always been close to construction,” he said. “I wanted a career change. For the past year, I worked for myself doing some contracting work until this opportunity came up.”

Because he holds a degree with construction practices, he said a construction business is a perfect fit and the timing of the property being sold seemed perfect.

“We didn’t want to see a well established, long-term business go by the wayside. We didn’t want to see it closed and the property sold,” he said.

The already established business was important to him, as the employees truly make the company.

“The business is what it is today because of the employees. We have long-term, dedicated employees,” he said. “I really appreciate what these guys do that’s the most important part.”

Hornberger said the experienced staff makes the company successful.

“We wanted to preserve the company, keep the employees and stay as a locally owned and operated business,” he said.

Hornberger said that it’s always a good idea to plan construction projects early.

“It’s never too early to plan your fall or winter projects. We still have openings for fall siding jobs and other house make-over projects,” he said.

For more information or to arrange a free estimate, call 570-323-9437.

David Hornberger