Hands in Health offers holistic approach

Treating pain through holistic methods to help people achieve their wellness goals is one of the objectives for Hands in Health Chiropractic and Applied Kinesiology.

The practice opened in 2011 at 1017 Washington Blvd. and is run by doctors Kevin McCarthy, Kelli Datres and Kerri Datres. They assess each patient by looking at structural, chemical and mental aspects.

By looking at multiple aspects they can find out what could be creating an imbalance in the body, said McCarthy.

Structural is looking at the muscles, mental can be stress in the mind and chemical is the pH of the body and a patient’s diet, he said.

For example if a patient came in with neck pain and headaches it could be caused by a variety of factors, said Kerri.

It might be the muscles, it could be something in their diet they are sensitive to or for a woman it could be hormonal due to the menstrual cycle, she said.

When a new patient comes to the office they will have them do different postures to look at the structural aspect then test the muscles, said Kelli. They are looking for an imbalance in the body.

“If we fix muscles they will go in place on their own,” she said.

The doctors try to locate a person’s stressors then correct them, said McCarthy. They look to remove as much physical stress for the patient to take their wellness into their own hands.

Their patients are expected to take care of how they feel and not rely so much on them, said Kerri.

They give their patients homework sometimes which helps them continue to improve and find their way out of their rut, said McCarthy.

Their techniques come from a holistic point of view which has become increasingly popular.

Some of the ways they are able to relieve stress is using essential oils, cold laser, kinesiotape and massage, they said. They look at natural ways to heal the body that can be just as quick as medication.

The oils are used to balance the system, said McCarthy. They are either applied topically or ingested depending on the oil.

Cold laser speeds up the healing process by reducing swelling and pain, relaxing the muscles and enhancing the immune system, they said.

Kinesiotape works as ice to promote blood flow and helps to reduce pain.

They also use whole food nutrition supplements from an organic farm which allows the body to absorb the nutrients easily, said Kelli.

For more information contact their office at (570) 567-7765.