Meixel’s: Striving for quality

For Brad Meixel, owner of BA Meixel Electrical Inc., quality of work is what was needed to start a successful business.

BA Meixel Electrical Inc. has been providing competitive electrical services to the area for about 10 years.

The framework for the company began after Meixel graduated from Pennsylvania College of Technology with a degree in electrical occupations in 1996.

After graduation, Meixel worked on and off throughout the area, but he’s always wanted to start his own business.

“I come from an entrepreneurial family,” he said. “It’s always something I’ve wanted to do.”

In 2006, Meixel got his chance to work on his own.

“I got laid off for six months,” Meixel said. “After five months, I threw a sticker on my 1988 Jeep Cherokee and started working for myself.”

Since then, BA Meixel Electrical Inc., 308 Allegheny St. in Jersey Shore, has grown to about 20 employees.

The company will do almost any kind of commercial or industrial work from a home ceiling fan to full store rewiring, Meixel said.

“We can handle about anything you would need electrically.”

Their core area of work is in central Pennsylvania, but they’ve done jobs as far as Mechanicsburg.

The company has gotten through a few struggles over the years from the market collapse of 2008 and other normal disadvantages of starting a business.

“Those are the normal struggles of starting your own business,” Meixel said. “But we got through those struggles with persistence.”

One of the lasting problems Meixel has run into is finding trained technicians.

He’s recently found a solution to that struggle by entering into IBEW union contract.

“Some people don’t like the sound of a union, but it gives me that trained manpower and allows my employees to earn a good living wage, health care benefits and retirement,” Meixel said. “I thought, ‘why reinvent the wheel?’ If I want all of these things for my people, this was a good way to provide that for them.”

The contract also allows Meixel to work in other areas and keep competitive prices for quality work.

“Electrical work is something to be taken very seriously,” Meixel said. “I offer a five year warranty because I am comfortable with that. The work we do should last 60 to 75 years and with new equipment and products even longer.”

Since 2012, the company has added a focus on energy efficiency.

They will encourage incorporation of LED lighting, are involved in solar projects and even have a patent process that will cut energy efficiency for electrical motors.

“I don’t believe people mind paying for quality and that’s what we provide quality. That’s been the key to my success.”