Print shop stays true to tradition

Keeping the pace with technology while maintaining old school service is how MAS Printing has been able to stay relevant in an ever changing world.

MAS stands for Michael Anthony Salvatori, the owner of the shop, who has been running his business since 1982 at its 116 Emery St. location.

Services range from designing and printing letterheads, labels, business cards, newsletters, postcards, invitations and placemats.

They make color and black and white copies and send faxes as well.

They also can provide promotional products like pens, bags, mugs and calendars.

Though he still uses led type and offset printing presses for certain projects, most of the work is done digitally, production manager Camille Salvatori said.

“With digital there is no waste because it runs the exact amount,” Michael Salvatori said.

The company’s artist does the designs for what s customer orders then Camille Salvatori prints them and delivers the products to them for free.

She keeps all of the logistics for customers such as how many copies they asked for and the dimensions of the product so they do not have to worry about it.

Four times a year they publish “Inside Newberry”, a neighborhood newsletter, that has been around for over 15 years, Michael Salvatori said.

Each year they also put out a calendar that includes a photo of a local landmark. For 2016 it is a photograph he took of the Civil War monument outside Old City Hall on Pine Street.

Besides ordering cards, invitations and envelopes, customers come in to have her make black and white or color copies at the West End Copy Center.

“Here you can go somewhere local to get copies,” she said.

She said people love the convenience of coming to their Newberry shop.

Since they have been serving the area for over two decades they have customers who have been going there for years.

Once a relationship with a customer is established, they rely on them to get the job done, she said.

“We bend over backwards for what people need and when they need it by,” Camille Salvatori said.

Michael Salvatori said he hopes his customers are satisfied and believe that they are getting their money’s worth.

He started printing as a hobby in high school where he would do projects for family friends. He said he turned the light bulb on and decided to start his own printing business.

“I liked the idea of working for yourself,” he said.

His first location was in the back of a market in Newberry.

The business grew and he was able to rent a garage then in the early 80s bought the store’s current building.

It was originally a storage unit that he expanded to a 24 foot by 80 foot shop, he said.

Then in the early 90s, Camille Salvatori joined the team full-time.

The business has grown over the years to reach the local community as well as clients in across the state and in New Jersey and Tennessee.