Interim Healthcare: Individualized services

MUNCY- Interim Healthcare of Central Pennsylvania helps clients receive one-on-one home care that allows people to remain in their homes.

They are a private duty home health agency, 160 Chad Road, that primarily works with pediatric and elderly patients to provide clinical and non-clinical assistance in the home.

The business connects its five registered nurses, two who double as case managers, to people who need additional medical care at school, work or home, owner Alice Fischetti said.

For most cases, the client needs four or more hours of assistance throughout the day or night, she said.

“(Nurses) are there for personal care and health safety,” she said.

“All care is individualized,” case manager and nurse, Sharon Reidle said. “Each person has different care for their specific needs.”

She primarily works with children who have special needs which entails something unique for each client, she said.

Depending on the need, nurses may do a morning routine, prepare a feeding tube, give them medicine and do any physical or occupational therapy necessary, she said.

Sometimes nurses will go to school with a client, attend classes and ride the bus so that they are safe and their needs are met, Reidle said.

Some people want someone present with the client all the time so in certain cases nurses will stay with them through the night.

After working with pediatric patients for many years she has seen it as an invaluable experience to help children meet their goals, she said.

She has been able to see children who were told they would never walk, run down a hallway, she said.

“I’m lucky to be a part of these kids’ lives,” Reidle said.

In the home they want to keep the family included in the child’s health care and not impede on their lives, she said.

“Family is important,” she said. “We don’t want to have a nurse disrupt the family but rather build them into the care.”

They want to help enhance their client’s lives, Fischetti said.

For older adults or seniors if they are living alone, having a nurse come be a companion can be transformative, she said. Normally nurses will help with taking medications regularly, keeping their home clean, going to doctor’s appointments with them and meal preparation.

“If they’re widows or widowers they are used to family being around and now they’re alone,” she said. “If they don’t drive or get out, they’re isolated.”

Having a nurse come can help make their days more enjoyable, Fischetti said. They can also help them be safe in their home and community.

The client can remain independent at home by having a nurse come for a few hours each day rather than move them elsewhere.

Other services Interim Healthcare provides are respite care and baby visits.

Respite care allows a nurse to attend to a client’s needs while the primary caregiver takes a break whether that is a weekend away or a night out, assistant office manager Gia Gregory said.

It gives the caregiver a break when life can be overwhelming, she said.

Life can be much easier to handle when a person receives a break, Fischetti said.

The baby visits are when a new mother can have a nurse visit her after she has left the hospital and returned home. The baby and mother are assessed to make sure they are in good health.

Interim Healthcare was the first private duty health care provider in Lycoming County. It has served 11 counties since 1994.