Lockard’s: Independent insurance for decades

HUGHESVILLE — Lockard Insurance Agency has been assisting their local clients in times of trouble since the 1970s.

Charlie Lockard, owner, said by being a small town business, him and his staff are able to provide personal service to their customers when they need it most.

“People don’t know the value of personal service until they need it,” Lockard said.

Being a small business allows the staff at the agency to treat their customers well and with respect, he said.

“If they have a problem they can call us rather than an 800 number,” he said.

The agency originally began in the early 1950s and was owned by Roscoe Corson. It was purchased by C. Rolland Lockard, Charlie Lockard’s father, in 1967 when Corson retired.

Lockard joined his father in the early 70s then took over the business once he retired.

Being in the business for many decades, Lockard has seen the positive changes in the industry specifically with technology.

Before it could take an agent a half hour to an hour to work out an automotive quote, he said. It now takes about five minutes by inserting information into a program then pressing a button.

He would flip through a thick manual to find all of the right codes and figures for a client then if they wanted to look at a different option, that took more time. Now if they want to see what the cost would be if they changed something in the quote, it is an easy fix, he said.

The agency has three full time staff, besides Lockard, that have decades worth of experience with insurance, he said.

They work with different insurance companies like Progressive, Travelers and Penn National Insurance to give their clients the best rates. They offer home, mobile home, automotive, small business, small farm and municipality insurance.

Through different municipalities, the agency will insure its vehicles, buildings and liability, he said.

Lockard enjoys working with his customers, especially the ones that he has known for many years. He said he has insured people’s children and grandchildren.

“It’s a small town, you know everybody,” he said.

There are other local independent insurance agencies but not as many in the area which does not create intense competition.

By not worrying so much about how many clients they need to gain, they can focus on taking care of the customers they have, he said.

“We are in the business of helping people in complex issues,” Lockard said. “Most people don’t know anything about insurance, they don’t know what they’re buying.”

By working with people on a personal level, they are able to get through any tough situation with support from the agency.

To inquire about the agency call 570-584-3161.