RussRussell Cellular takes customer service-based approach

An authorized Verizon retailer, Russell Cellular opened its doors seven months ago in Old Lycoming Township.

The employees at the 2062 Lycoming Creek Road store do everything a corporate Verizon store can do, according to Michael Shoemaker, store manager. He was transferred from the Mill Hall store to help grow the new location.

“We provide a customer service based approach so people have the best experience every visit, every time,” he said.

Customers come into the store and an associate will sit down with them and chat about what Russell Cellular can do for them.

“It’s a comfortable environment,” he said.

There is no getting a number and waiting in line. If the store is busy, one of the sales associates will inform a customer that it will be a while until they can be served so they will schedule an appointment.

By opening the store, Shoemaker said he hopes to take some pressure off the other local Verizon stores so they are not as busy. It is also able to cater to people living in Newberry, Cogan Station and Trout Run.

Keeping the environment of the store relaxing allows for the associates to take their time with each customer and help them get what they need.

“A cell phone is a luxury,” he said. “People want to get the most out of a product with their discretionary money.”

Customers can create accounts with Verizon through Russell Cellular, upgrade their phones and plans, purchase tablets and phones as well as get different products like Hum and Jetpacks.

Hum is a device that can be installed in a vehicle to provide emergency roadside assistance, inform the driver if there is a mechanical problem and people can also view the location and speed of the car from their phone.

He said Hum is great if there is a young driver in the family so a parent can see exactly where and how fast their child is driving.

Jetpack is a device that provides wireless internet in a vehicle.

The store has all major electronics brands like Apple, LG and Samsung. If there is a particular device a customer is looking for that they do not have, Shoemaker said they can order it.