Wilkinson Dunn saves world one policy at a time

House fires, car crashes and life threatening ailments never give people a warning that they are about to happen.

To be prepared for when the unexpected comes knocking, having a quality insurance policy can help people get their life back on track. The agents at independent insurance agency Wilkinson Dunn Company, 455 River Ave., are there to provide the best policy and coverage for everyone.

“We are in the business of saving the world,” Teri Carson, vice president, said.

They are the people their clients call when disaster strikes.

The agents are there to listen and give the best advice from an insurance point of view.

Helping customers and giving them advice is an important part of the service they provide, she said.

President Terry Neubold said the employees keep the mindset that their client will use that claim tomorrow. They want to provide the coverage the client needs for a price they can afford.

The company handles a variety of insurance types which is the key to their success, he said.

It offers home, automobile, life, health, business, disability and more. Agents search through different insurance companies like Penn National, Liberty Mutual and Travelers Insurance to find the best policy for their client.

The agents are able to tailor each plan to fit the client’s needs because they are an independent agency and has access to prices from those companies, he said.

“I want to sell (clients) coverage I would buy myself,” Mary McKinley, secretary treasurer, said.

Buying a policy just because it is inexpensive does not mean it is going to have the coverage for when life turns sour.

In 1932 Bill Wilkinson and Art Dunn became partners and opened up their own agency in Wellsboro doing insurance and real estate. Their office is still there today.

Neubold purchased the company in 1987 and opened the Williamsport office.

The company sold its real estate business in 2004.

The employees strive to community involved and serve their customers to the best of their ability.

When local people call they always get a person answering the phone, ready to help them with what they need.

If somebody needs a quote or assistance understanding insurance, they will take the time to provide their expertise, Carson said.

She said she feels gratified when she gets to help somebody better comprehend a concept they did not get before.

The agents have decades of experience selling insurance while the younger, qualified individuals who will continue to develop in the business, Neubold said.

“We are excited about the young people who we have,” he said.

He plans for the company to organically expand over the next five years.