Ironcutter Creative specializes in telling stories

Ironcutter Creative, 1029 Penn St., is a business that meets with clients to help tell their stories through media.

“We really specialize in video production, high quality broadcast video production,” said Alivia Tagliaferri, chief creative officer. “We do a lot of documentary filmwork, a lot of documentary style video projects anywhere from small businesses, nonprofits to large businesses as well.”

She said she also plans to tie in gala events as well.

“Anybody or anything that wants to tell their story,” she said. “I think that’s what makes us unique. We focus on the story and bringing that story out because that’s what connects people. That connects people to a project, person, thing or mission. If they can tell their story to others, that’s the takeaway.”

From working on films that will be broadcasted on television to working on videos for social media to even designed posters, Ironcutter Creative works to let the client tell their story.

“We do the concept, the development, all the preproduction. Often times there will be a client that has a story they want to tell, a product or project they want to highlight, and so we work with the client to understand what are the key themes? What is the passion behind it?” she said. “Whatever they want to convey, from there, it’s a reality based approach … I call it the real reality television.”

She said the documentary style captures the real elements of what actually happens.

“It’s somewhat planned because we know that’s what they do, but we ask them to recreate what it is they do. We’ll capture it in a way that people can experience it like we’re experiencing it,” she said.

“We’ve gone from doing standard, almost documentary elements, but we’ve started incorporating some narrative elements as well,” said Conner Shultz, associate director. “We’re focusing more on the entire package of what a campaign is for something. So if you’re building a brand, going out to set up a market to appeal to people … we help not only craft the final product that they see, but we work with you to end up with a campaign that’s cohesive on all fronts.”

Tagliaferri said they often make social media packages that allow clients to put videos on Facebook, LinkedIn, websites or other places online.

“We specialize in giving you a full package to tell your story in different ways and in different mediums,” she said.

Shultz said there’s nothing like having videos professionally done, rather than by just anyone taking video.

“The quality level that you get from stuff like that is not up to par to what you can do with someone who knows what they’re doing,” he said. “Between Alivia and myself, I think we have a pretty decent amount of experience that looks and feels and accomplishes exactly what you’re looking for when you get a video package.”

Shultz said that like a metal shop, nothing is wasted at Ironcutter Creative.

“The reason that I named it Ironcutter is that that’s the translation of my last name,” Tagliaferri said. “Tagliaferri literally stands for the cutters for iron. It was the guild of iron smiths that made the weaponry for the Roman army, and they followed the army all around the Empire.”

She said this connection made them thrive.

“It wasn’t people that were related to each other by name, they were related by guild, profession and skill. They were the ironcutters. I wanted to be able to tell that story,” she said. “I really appreciate working with Conner because he really understands the construct of story, as do I.”

For more information, visit or call 570-220-0026. Tagliaferri can also be reached through email at