Jasper Steel serves area with versatility

Since 1999, Jasper Steel Fabrication, Inc., has served the area as a premier custom, structural and bridge fabrication shop.

“We’re a custom and structural steel fabrication for all types of industries and applications,” said Nathan Jasper, project manager.

Jasper Steel Fabrication, Inc., of 701 First St., also has the capabilites and experience to refurbish and repair existing structures and equipment.

“We normally work for businesses, contractors, construction companies and other fabricators,” said Dina Palmer Wascher, operations manager. “We can fabricate anything up from handrailing up to huge bases. We do platform stairs, handrail, all types of different fabricated products. Sometimes we work for bigger fabricators who get really busy, and we help them keep up with their schedule.”

She said they offer high quality products.

“The reason people keep coming back to us is because we provide a quality product on time. We’ve never had a backcharge,” she said. “We’ve never had an issue with that.”

“We take the steps in the shop to prevent that. We have a really strict quality control in the shop to make sure we don’t end up with backcharges,” Nathan Jasper said.

Many of the projects, like stairs or handrails, can go in or outside buildings. They can help build steel structure elements to buildings as well.

They have an 18,000 square foot shop with 6 overhead cranes, 30 ton lifting capacity and 23 foot working height. They specialize in stairs, handrails, platforms, crossovers, ladders, pipe supports and skids. All stairs, platforms, handrails and ladders are OSHA compliant.

“Jasper Steel has been in business for 18 years, and it’s locally owned,” Wascher said.

She said that it started by Timothy Jasper, president. He had been a former welder and worked for Palmer Industrial Coatings, Williamsport.

“When they closed their shop, then he started his own business,” Wascher said. “He used to build bridges and bigger structures … now he usually builds customized fabrications.”

Now that Timothy Jasper is semi-retired, Washer helps run the business.

“From the payroll to the accounting, everything, I take care of everything for the business,” she said.

She said there are approximately 10 employees. They also offer machining, abrasive blast cleaning, powder coating, NDT testing and stress relieve.

Nathan Jasper said that people choose Jasper Steel for the quality.

“(They want us) for our track record for a quality product, on time deliveries and we go the extra mile to make sure our customers are happy with what we have to offer them,” he said.

In a typical day, Nathan Jasper looks out for all the projects.

“I oversee the shop, oversee the projects that go on. I also do estimating and take on materials for upcoming jobs,” Nathan said. “I line up upcoming projects going into the shop.”

He said that so far this year, the shop had taken on over 20 projects. The amount of projects vary with the size as the shop can handle small jobs to large projects that require months.

“The amount of jobs a year varies. We can have two or three jobs that carry us through most of the year that are a big contract or we can have 50-100 smaller jobs that are smaller contracts keeping us busy,” he said.

For more information, visit www.jaspersteel.com or call 570-329-3330.