Rise & Shine Nutrition: Making people better

To say that Lindsey Paulhamus had personal reasons for starting Rise & Shine Nutrition, a Williamsport health and fitness club she owns and operates with her husband, Nathan, is perhaps an accurate statement.

Not long ago, she was overweight and not feeling real good about it.

She began using Herbalife products and working with a wellness coach who kept her, as she put it, “accountable.”

Over time, she lost some 60 pounds.

“I started because I needed a change in my health habits,” she recalled.

Out in the world, including in the local community, are many people just like her, who are looking for a change, to live healthier.

Since opening Rise & Shine Nutrition in April, she’s met many people who’ve come through her doors.

Rise & Shine conducts workshops, free wellness evaluations, and coaching and offers health meals, energizing tea, and weight loss challenges.

And, of course, there are the Herbalife products at the site.

“It’s going really well,” she said. “I think a lot of people walk in skeptically, but are pleasantly surprised by what they find.”

People such as Kim Stafford, a UPMC emergency room nurse, embrace what Paulhamus has to offer at Rise & Shine.

For many years, she tried without success to shed pounds.

“This has been the best thing for me so far,” Stafford said, who lost 63 pounds.

She said the community of people she’s met at Rise & Shine are a key to helping her reach her goals.

She got started with a three-day trial period using the products.

“I was very skeptical about the whole situation,” she said.

But she’s happy with the results and with now helping other people.

Heather Greene became a wellness coach with Rise & Shine, having lost 53 pounds using the products.

“I started on a three-day trial pack,” she said. “Lindsey keeps me on track.”

Paulhamus is dedicated to what she does.

The mother of four children felt so strongly about the whole business concept that she quit her job this year as a teacher in the Jersey Shore Area School District.

However, she is quick to note that she still teaches, but now as a wellness coach.

She is among a number of coaches who are part of the Rise & Shine family who now reach out to people, giving them guidance and help.

Paulhamus said anyone can come to her downtown site at 11 W. Fourth St., and sample the products or simply get to know the people.

“You don’t have to be a member,” she said.

The comfortable setting includes a lounge and bar area where people can enjoy hot or cold tea.

Paulhamus said she always wanted to have a site downtown where she worked a number of years ago.

“I’m definitely excited about doing this,” she said.

She said Rise & Shine offers a family oriented and supportive atmosphere and she makes it a point to try and get to know everyone who comes there.

“Most of our clients are probably people 30 or over who work downtown,” she said. “We do have our regulars.”

Her husband added, “Every day, it seems like there are new people.”