Family-operated business opens new ‘doors’

JERSEY SHORE — Nelson Installations, 6142 Route 287, is a new family operated business from the Jersey Shore area.

“We primarily do installations, repair and service work for commercial doors and hardware,” said Scott Nelson, president. “We do automatics, such as sliders and handicap operators.”

At a recent job in Montgomery, they worked on a frame.

“We’re framing a porch and a handicap accessible ramp. We’re working on framing the porch right now,” Scott Nelson said.

His son, Victor Nelson, is the vice president.

“We work a lot with schools, universities, hospitals, and a lot with nursing homes, stuff like that,” Victor Nelson said. “We do retail work, too.”

They’ve been operational for six months. Between the two Nelsons, they have over two decades of experience and knowledge between them for commercial doors and hardware.

“I was a service manager at a commercial door and hardware distributor,” Scott Nelson said.

As a pair, they decided to join together to form a family business.

“We wanted to be our own boss,” Victor Nelson said. “We wanted to make it on our own.”

They work together from start to finish of the job.

“We’re owners and operators,” Victor Nelson said. “I really like it more. It’s a lot more responsibility, but all your hard work and energy goes toward yourself, not for somebody else.”

He said they do the bids for the job and install it themselves right after.

“By the time we step foot on the job on the first day to the last day, we’re the ones doing it,” Victor Nelson said.

Because they work from start to finish, they’re able to take care of all the details themselves.

“Our quality of work is top notch,” Victor Nelson said.

The duo knows how to get the job done.

“We have the quality, the knowledge and the expertise,” Scott Nelson said. “I’ve been in the commercial construction industry for almost 35 years.”

They also offer great customer service.

“I think our service is next to none,” Scott Nelson said. “To me, servicing the customer is top priority.”

“The customer is number one, always,” Victor Nelson said. “We’ll go out of our way to make sure the customer is happy.”

Scott Nelson said they can offer a great selection of doors.

“We’re not distributing doors, so we’re buying from multiple different vendors. We can get just about any door anybody wants,” he said. “We’re open with a number of different distributors, so we can get pretty much any hardware anybody wants.”

If a customer needs a custom job, Nelson Installations has it covered.

“We’re open to multiple different suppliers, and we do customized work,” Victor Nelson said. “We’re also open to subcontract for larger construction projects, too.”

For more information, contact Nelson Installations by email at or by phone at 570-560-7931.