Micro-1 brings computer sales and service

Since starting his small business more than 20 years ago, Nick Schneider has seen the changes in the computer industry.

He was just betting started as an entrepreneur when personal computers appeared in homes.

He’s seen other computer sales and repair businesses come and go, but after more than two decades, his is still here.

Micro-1 Computer Systems, has been part of the Williamsport community since 1996.

“It’s been a good ride,” he said.

Schneider decided to launch his business after spending a few years in computer sales.

Although successful at his job, he recalled not being happy about his situation.

“I felt I could do better on my own,” he said.

Schneider’s timing couldn’t have been better.

At the time the demand for personal computers was increasing at a quick pace.

Businesses were putting desktop computers in their workplaces, and his business was there for sales and service of PC’s.

Early on, people were buying computers every few years just to keep up with the technology.

Schneider said that’s changed, with businesses and people holding on to computers longer now, but there continues to be a demand for repairs.

Schneider has in place a staff of four people, including those who trouble-shoot computers.

It’s a big part of his business.

“That’s really where it’s going for us — the service side,” he said.

Many companies no longer have on staff IT persons to do that work, which means more business for Micro-1.

The business also sells computers, including laptops, some of which are displayed in the showroom at 251 Penn St.

Five years ago, Micro-1 moved to that site from East Third Street.

“We outgrew our other space,” Schneider said.

A faithful customer base has been the key to the success of Micro-1.

But Schneider is also quick to credit his staff.

“I have a good group,” he said.

Employees have been with him a long time, and dealing with the same people makes his customers feel comfortable.

He likes where his business is at and has no plans to expand or open a second site.

“Bigger is not always better,” he said.

Schneider said running a small business, while rewarding, poses its share of headaches.

“Everyone thinks owning a business is freedom and flexibility,” he said. “That’s not always true. There are a lot of challenges. It’s very demanding.”