Trinity Farm: A place for dogs to stay

Visitors taking the winding road up to the farm atop a hill affording a sweeping view of rolling forested land are likely to catch the sounds of barking.

It’s here just outside Pennsdale where Sam and Anne Shea operate Trinity Farm Dog Boarding.

“We have a lot of different breeds of dogs,” Anne said.

The two have a love of not only dogs, but all animals.

The working farm serves as dog kennels, but is the home also to several horses, two goats, even a donkey. There are also the couple’s pet dog and cats roaming about the property.

“I grew up on a farm,” Sam said. “For us, it just seems part of farm life.”

Anne said Trinity Farm also boards horses, and has an indoor arena in a barn for riding.

“I always rode horses,” Anne said.

But the bread and butter of the business remain the kennels.

Anne said she finds the work enjoyable.

She and her husband are up to the challenge of taking care of dogs brought to them by pet owners who need temporary quarters for them.

The 24-acres of farmland provide dogs with plenty of space to be walked and to take in the outdoors.

“We bring dogs up here,” Sam said as he stood with Anne on a slope of land behind the kennels. “It’s always nice for them to get out. They get a nice country country walk. We offer that as a service.”

Future plans include putting in a fenced-in play area for the dogs.

“People want a place where their dogs can play with other dogs,” Anne said.

Trinity Farm also has a certified groomer for the canines. As a special service, dogs can be given a Welcome Home Bath before they are returned to their owners.

The couple take the business of caring for other people’s dog quite seriously, and they see a lot of repeat customers.

“We like to give our customers flexibility when they can pick up dogs,” Sam said. “We live here and that makes it easier.”

Summers and weekends are usually the busiest times for the business.

“We just really enjoy doing it,” Sam said.

At one point, he paused to look at the surrounding countryside. “The nice thing about this property is you get a whole view of the valley.”

Trinity Farm can board up to 20 dogs.

Each kennel space allows a dog to roam freely from inside and outside the connecting building.

“They get morning sun and afternoon shade,” Sam said. “And they are away from the highway.”