Writers Qi breathes new life into marketing

Breathing new life into marketing, Writers Qi offers businesses the chance to hire a freelance writer to write up their information in a professional, creative manner.

Writers Qi, based out of an office in the Pajama Factory at 1307 Park Ave., can give businesses web content, articles and customer narratives for websites, brochures or print for trade shows.

It can even explain products or services in an easy to read format for customers.

“It’s a freelance writing business,” said Chris Hayward, owner of Writers Qi. “We specialize in customer case studies, magazine articles, web content.”

The business has been established for a year, and Qi is pronounced like the word key.

“Most people don’t know how to pronounce that,” Hayward said. “Qi really sums up the philosophy of my business. It means lifeforce energy … and that’s what I bring to my work. I bring my lifeforce energy to the written pieces that my clients need.”

She said she also has written a play that was produced over the summer, and she has also been working with local authors to create submission packets to publishers as well as edit their manuscripts.

“My skill is basically being able to take facts and figures and then weave them into a narrative that’s interesting to read,” she said. “Basically, customer case studies… I take all the jargon, facts, figures and statistics and create a document that’s one or two pages to be used for a brochure or right on the website.”

She said it creates a story for customers.

“Then other people can relate to it, they resonate with it and see themselves in it. Then, they’re more interested in your product,” she said. “I’m really someone who can help you with your products and your services.”

It’s like a snapshot for the business.

“They work for any business that has a product or service that they want to focus on,” she said. “It’s kind of like a testimonial, but it’s a little bit longer … It shows who your customer is, what they tried before they found you, why your product or service was the one they chose and what the end result was after they implemented your product or service.”

She said it’s a great tool for businesses to explain what they offer in a way that’s easy for customers to understand.

For local authors, she offers a multi-step process to help their individual needs.

“Often, they need editing done on manuscripts to polish it up and make it submission ready. The next step is to create the package that different publishers want,” she said.

Publishers require different things depending on where she submits the package.

“Most of them are electronic these days,” she said. “I’ve come across a few publishers that still like it via regular mail. But, they want a certain font, certain spacing and a query letter with a synopsis to go with it.”

She said she has over 30 percent response rate from the publishers she submits to for the authors she works with.

“It’s not self publishing,” she said. “What I’ve been doing for these is submitting with traditional publishers … They’re actual print publishers that have been around for years that I’ve been working with.”

Working with local authors

“One of the keys when I’m working with authors and reaching out to publishers is that personal touch,” she said. “I get to understand the author, their point of view and their voice. I research and select specific publishers to target. I compose the submission package for that specific publisher so that often it will be read, draw their interest… It helps my clients who are local authors.”

Hayward, who has a degree in physics from Lycoming College, worked as an engineer for over 30 years.

“When I got tired of working with the intense technology and security and hackers … I was looking for a creative outlet,” she said. “It works in my favor because I can go into an organization, if it’s a technical business, I have an understanding for the jargon … I can create a piece that isn’t just the jargon and give more information to the human side of it.”

She said her background gives her a special ability to work with businesses in helping them explain difficult concepts or services to everyday customers who might not understand complicated technical terms.

As far as the change in her specialties, she said she loves getting to have a creative outlet.

“I love it. Everything about it is great,” she said. “It’s meeting the people, it’s hearing the stories, it’s being creative … Working out of the Pajama Factory has been awesome. The creativity in this place is wonderful.”

For more information, visit www.writersqi.net or call 570-258-5455.