Covenant Builders: Kitchen, bath specialists

Covenant Builders, 443 Broad St., Montoursville, specializes in kitchen and bath remodeling.

“My wife (Connie Neff) and I started Covenant Builders 16 years ago,” said Earl Neff, general manager. “We’ve always been a small company, 5-7 employees.”

They try to do all they can for their customers and offer great customer service.

“We became a one-stop-shop for customers who want their kitchen and bath remodeled, offering cabinets and the design work to fit their space. We’ve always offered countertop fabrication, stone and laminates,” Neff said.

He said they can do the complete project for customers in house and offer custom lines of cabinets, semi custom lines of cabinets and stock cabinets as well.

“We’ve been very unique that way in the business. People like a one-stop-shop place, a family owned business,” he said.

Of course, Neff said he has loved working with his hands his whole life.

“I remember working as a kid, nailing some boards together to be a wooden duck … I must have been 5,” he said. “I’m a wood worker by heart, and I’ve got a lifetime of experience since I was a child. I just love wood, and so I love cabinetry. I love installing cabinets.”

The business moved from Williamsport to Montoursville about 9 years ago.

“We live in Montoursville, and it’s a great town here,” Neff said. “It’s a great town to do business in. You’ve got the convenience of stores, businesses here. There’s great customers here.”

He said he’s been in the Lycoming County area for over 30 years.

“I like the hills. We call them mountains, I know, but I love the hills. I love the geography of this place. It’s a small town, small city but has the country right next door,” he said. “I’m a country boy at heart.”

Having an environment that has the benefits of the big city can give great quality product while still having a great neighborly feel of the country life, and Neff said that’s true for the business.

“We believe that we really do well at customer attention to what they want, helping them design and choose colors,” he said. “We’ve really made it a priority to do customer service, quality work and have excellence at a fair price. That’s our tag line.”

They keep that attitude even with the name of their business.

“Even the name covenant implies a relationship instead of contract,” Neff said. “We’ve always been committed to building a good relationship with a customer from the beginning and ending in a good relationship.”

He said that they like to make sure they have a variety of products to meet all customer needs, including cabinets on the upper end of quality and also those that may be more affordable for those on a budget.

“I think we have one of the best kitchen and bath showrooms in the area … We have some really unique features,” he said. “We have a good variety of cabinetry, products and very nice displays.”

The best way to experience what they have to offer is to just stop by the showroom and check them out.

For more information about what Covenant Builders has to offer, call 570-368-3026.