Ed’s Market, East End landmark, is back

For years, Ed’s Market had been that familiar stop-off neighborhood deli and grocery market tucked away in Williamsport’s East End, a place to pick up hoagies, soda, snacks or other food items.

When it closed, a piece of Williamsport seemed to die with it.

But now Ed’s is back.

Mike Patel and his wife, Nisha, reopened the market last summer.

“It’s been really busy,” he said. “Day by day, people are discovering us.”

The community, Patel noted, has eagerly embraced the business since its reopening.

That doesn’t seem to surprise Patel, noting that Ed’s Market is a “landmark place.”

Patel made some cosmetic interior changes, but it’s pretty much the same old Ed’s Market.

Patel said he simply felt no real need to alter anything, save new lighting, some fresh paint and some renovations to the deli area.

“We are looking to put in a new cooler,” Nisha said.

Customers can still see the old Ed’s Market sign on the side of the building at 1200 Franklin St. They can climb the few steps from the sidewalk into the market’s front door and take in the familiar aroma of the quality fresh food items drifting from the deli.

The long check-out counter runs along the one side of the store and the shelves of the market’s aisles are once again filled with canned goods, condiments, snack foods and other grocery merchandise.

Patel, formerly of New Jersey, was looking for his own business after years spent working in stores and doing catering.

“This is my field,” he said. “I know what I’m doing.”

The deli, with its fresh meats and sandwiches made to order, are the big part of the business.

Patel said many people come for the hoagies.

Not surprisingly, lunch and dinner time are the busiest times for Ed’s Market, he noted.

Hot soups are also a popular staple at Ed’s Market as well as home-made baked items, including cookies.

“We make our own fudge,” Nisha added.

People can call ahead for pickups. The business also does catering.

Patel said there is no single biggest challenge to the business other than providing good quality food and service.

“It’s a good location,” he said.

And now, word is getting around that Ed’s has reopened.

The market is open seven days a week.