Law firm seeks to meet every legal need

JERSEY SHORE – Carpenter, Harris and Flayhart, 128 S. Main St., offer five experienced attorneys who can help anyone in the area with nearly any legal need.

L. Craig Harris and Martin A. Flayhart took over the practice in the 1980s. Today, they are joined with attorneys Andrea P. Pulizzi, Dale A. Tice and Timothy A. B. Reitz.

Flayhart said he became an attorney to be useful.

“I like being able to help people both with problems they may be having as well as transactions that may occur over the course of their life, such as buying property or real estate, that sort of thing.” he said. “Of course, we also deal with situations that people have passed away and we’re dealing with heirs and administering things.”

He said they often handle real estate transactions, administering estates and difficulties people encounter over the course of their lives. They also offer domestic relations matters, criminal law, defense, personal injury, elder law and more.

“Between the five of us, we do have the capability of addressing most concerns that people in the area would have,” Flayhart said.

Harris said he personally had a background in economics and wasn’t sure if he wanted a future in business or law, but he decided law would be what he wanted to pursue for a career.

“I went into legal business but emphasizing in businesses and real estate,” he said. “I set up a lot of LLCs for folks and help them plan.”

Harris said he fell in love with the area after attending Lock Haven University.

“I just love this neck of the woods … I was originally born in Philadelphia and lived down there. I was more than happy to get around the mountains of Central Pennsylvania,” he said.

He enjoys going to see Penn State games.

Harris was born and raised in Williamsport, so he has always been fond of Lycoming County.

“I had family in Williamsport, and originally I started in Lock Haven,” Harris said. “Craig and I got into a partnership in 1984, and we came here.”

Flayhart said the Carpenters were looking to retire, so they brought Harris and Flayhart into the business. They are still in the original building.

“The location does offer continuity as far as people knowing where we’re at as a firm,” Harris said. “We offer our experience. Both Craig and I have been practicing law for over 40 years … and we have new blood in the firm that is also experienced and up to date as far as any recent legal changes, just as we try to be, too.”

Flayhart said that law is ever changing, so it’s important to have experience as well as recent knowledge.

“They’re very impressive. Andrea is a hard, hard worker,” he said.

“They’re all knowledgeable, certainly. They’re hard working, and they’re personable. Clients relate well to them,” Harris said.

Both Flayhart and Harris have been mainstays in the development of the Jersey Shore area. Flayhart said it is essential to go hand in hand with being a business owner and an active community member.

“You need to be among the forefront of business leaders in the community,” he said. “You get involved with developing the economy of the area. That’s what any attorney should try to do, become a vital part of the community.”

On top of serving on councils and boards to help develop the area, Harris also enjoys playing the clarinet in the Repasz Band.

Flayhart said they are passionate about being part of the community, including being members of a number of service clubs and organizations.

“We invest a lot of ourselves over the years,” he said.