Credit processing with a personalized touch

CARA MORNINGSTAR/Sun-Gazette Dave Malone, regional manager, works at his desk at Merchants' Credit Processing Service Central PA at 418 Hazel St., New Berlin. They also have a newer location at 140 W. Fourth St., Williamsport.

Merchants’ Credit Processing Service of Central PA opened a new office in downtown Williamsport this year at 140 W. Fourth St.

Their central office, located at 418 Hazel St., New Berlin, has been processing credit for the area since 2000.

Art Lieberman, owner, came to the area in 2000 from Brooklyn, New York, and thought it was a great place to establish a business.

His business style fits in with the local, hometown feel of the central Pennsylvania area.

“As far as our business, we have one goal: save them money. If we can’t save them money, why would anybody make a switch in their credit card processing?” he said. “Yes, we provide wonderful service, but we will take a look. No matter what we have to do, we will save them money.”

He said they make sure their clients get the best rates.

“Even to the point where we barely make any money,” he said. “There’s so much competition out there that we’ve got to supply rates that are credible.”

He keeps the small town feeling in the central office, as the main office is 29 steps from his personal home.

Workers often eat homemade meals prepared by his wife for lunch.

The atmosphere in the establishment is friendly, even with a laid back “Wizard of Oz” feeling as the path to the office, a green yurt building, is a yellow brick road.

“It’s really, really comfortable,” he said. “We love it … It’s really good. We try to even bring the customers into that family environment.”

They offer Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

While they work for many local businesses, they also work with over 600 campgrounds with their credit processing.

He owes the amount of business the company does to their personal service.

“There are thousands and thousands that sell the exact same thing. It’s not like having a product that may have a nuance to it … Or something that is different that they can do,” he said. “Mostly, it’s the same thing. So, it’s all about service.”

He said more often than not, clients are given some 800 number to call where no one answers when there are problems.

“It’s not them. It’s a professional service. Most of the time, if they’re busy enough … You hear, ‘I’m sorry, all operators are busy,'” he said.

Having a customer in person when a merchant is trying to sell an item but can’t because there’s some unknown problem with the credit card processing can lose business and create problems for those merchants. It’s important to have someone available who can answer questions and troubleshoot problems.

“Sometimes we can solve the problem right away,” he said.

The most common problem is having a storm that might mess up the machine and requires it to be unplugged and plugged back in.

“Just like a computer, something can go wrong, and you reboot it,” he said. “That’s an easy one.”

Other problems can happen that they can troubleshoot and help people figure out so they can continue conducting their own businesses.

They are hopeful to continue expanding the business, particularly those who may be looking for a position in the Williamsport office.

“We always are looking for talented people,” he said.

For more information, visit www.mcpsofcentralpa.com or call 570-966-0080.