Mileto’s Sub Shop: Carrying on a long tradition

It’s a Newberry landmark, a neighborhood sub shop and a longtime family business.

Since 1972, customers have been coming to Mileto’s Sub Shop for the tasty sandwiches and the cozy, familiar ambience of a neighborhood eatery.

“I love serving the people. I love their smiles,” Kristi Marshall said.

Marshall is the latest in the line of the Mileto family operating the sub shop at 2127 W. Fourth St.

When her mother, Arlene Ardary, passed away in October, she wanted to continue on with the family tradition.

“I worked here growing up, and then off and on during college,” she said as she sat at a table of the sub shop.

It was mid-afternoon of a June day and employees were in the nearby small kitchen that looks out on the small dining room preparing food orders.

When Marshall decided to take over the shop, she felt there was no need to change anything.

Other than some tweaking of the food items and the menu and adding a few employees, the place has remained the same.

“We added a Pounder Cheesesteak,” she said.

In fact, the cheesesteak has become a popular item among customers.

There have always been the patrons from the nearby neighborhoods, but these days people are coming from other communities, many of them eager to have a cheesesteak.

The business has been busier than ever.

“We have advertised a lot,” she said. “We have added more meat to the subs.”

And, there’s the homemade secret oil that has long made Mileto’s subs favorites among its customers.

Marshallalso is proud to note that all meats and other products are local.

People can still come to Mileto’s and sit at the small counter watching their sandwiches being prepared as they take in the rich aroma of sizzling meat used to make a cheeseteak.

They can stop into the restaurant to pick up an order.

Just having Mileto’s around for yet another generation brings a smile to Marshall’s face.

“It’s (sub shop) been a staple here forever,” she said. “It’s part of Newberry.”

Marshall said she loves to listen to the stories of the place from past years and meet the grandchildren and even great-grandchildren of those who used to come in.

Tears come to her eyes when she thinks of how her mother so loved the place.

“This was my mom’s pride and joy,” she said.

One day, she hopes to hand the shop down to her daughter, Mackenzie, 19, who also works at the business.

She noted her husband, Rock Marshall, gives her plenty of support in running it.

Mileto’s is open six days a week for lunch and dinner.

It’s closed Sundays.


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