Bank robber gets 10 years in federal prison

A bank robber from Philadelphia was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison Tuesday after he pleaded guilty earlier to robbing Sovereign Bank in Jersey Shore and was convicted in a trial of attempting to rob a bank in Altoona. Both crimes occurred in 2007.

Terrell Carter, 28, who formerly lived in Williamsport, received a 115-month sentence from U.S. Middle District Judge John E. Jones III.

Carter faced a sentence of up to the 20 years in prison, which U.S. Assistant Attorney Bill Simmers was seeking.

Carter served five years in various county prisons awaiting sentencing.

He was acquitted at a trial in district court of taking part in a home invasion of John and Angelina Waldman, of Limestone Township. The break-in of the couple’s home occurred Dec. 10, 2007. Jovan Williamson and another man who remains unidentified robbed the couple, tied them and their adult children up with duct tape and threatened to do them harm.

The violent invasion of the jeweler and his family was alluded to during Carter’s sentencing.

Carter was found not guilty of breaking into the Waldman residence. “I pray for the Waldman family every day,” he said.

The bank robbery in Jersey Shore occurred Oct. 10, 2007, and involved a threat of a bomb that did not exist, but terrorized bank employees.

“You’re a bank robber,” Jones said. “You attempted to perpetrate acts that were violent and left a lot of people in fear for their safety.”

Carter’s attorney, Robert Hoffa, shared how Carter’s difficult upbringing in Philadelphia included smoking marijuana at age 6 and a life of criminal acts.

Carter’s criminal history included loitering and prowling at night, theft, possession of cocaine with intent to deliver the drug and statutory sexual assault.

Hoffa asked Jones to consider a sentence of time-served, and Carter told Jones he turned his life around in prison and would pray daily for victims and those within the justice system.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons will be asked to consider allowing Carter to serve his sentence in New Jersey so he can be closer to family.