Commissioners hold meeting in parking lot

MIDDLEBURY CENTER – The lack of a lighted, heated room didn’t stop the Tioga County commissioners from holding their “on the road” meeting Tuesday – they conducted their business in the parking lot next door to the township building in the glow of an outdoor light.

After waiting over a half-hour for someone to show up and unlock the township building door, Commissioner Erick Coolidge suggested they call the meeting to order and conduct their brief amount of business, rather than wait any longer.

Unseasonably warm temperatures made the short meeting bearable in outdoor conditions.

Among the items of business conducted was to accept a bid from Gra-Hil Construction in the amount of $22,347 to pave the community services road behind the Tokishi building.

Commissioners also:

Approved an annual agreement for microwave maintenance with Motorola Solutions in the amount of $86,956.

Established June 8, the beginning of the Laurel Festival, as a “Smoke Free Day on the Green.”

Transferred Valerie Miller from custodian to scanning clerk for $11 per hour with benefits.