Council to consider Reach Road improvement

The city is being asked to commit $97,900 it has received from gas impact fees to go toward completion of the Reach Road improvement project.

Officials justify the work by saying the road brings many new jobs. According to Mayor Gabriel J. Campana, most of the companies leasing office space and buildings along the industrial park are involved in the gas industry.

Campana supports the use of Act 13 funds for the road rehabilitation.

The project, which probably will begin in the fall, according to John Grado, city engineer and director of community and economic development, will complete the paving and restoration of the industrial park road, from Catawissa Avenue to North Reach Road.

The $97,900 goes toward engineering fees assessed by Larson Design Group, Grado said.

The city has been successful in acquiring a $330,000 grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission that requires a 20-percent local match. The project cost is $440,000, Grado said.

The project is under the authority of the state Department of Transportation.

“Our intention is to use additional gas impact fees to match the funds as well as receive a commitment from the county,” Grado said.

The measure received a positive recommendation from the public works committee of council and will be voted on in the form of resolution Thursday night.