DUI killer enters plea, goes to jail

A Loyalsock Township man awaits sentencing in Lycoming County Prison for killing a city man while driving under the influence this past May.

Scott A. Treese, 34, pleaded no contest to a charge of vehicular homicide while under the influence and guilty to related DUI charges before Judge Marc Lovecchio on Monday.

Treese will serve a minimum of three years in state prison for the hit-and-run homicide.

Treese struck and killed Mark Jeirls, 46, at the intersection of High Street and Sixth Avenue late at night on May 2 while driving his Eagle Talon drunk and high on cocaine. He left the scene of the crash, then admitted to investigators who questioned him the next day that he had felt his car hit something.

Treese had been free on $50,000 unsecured bail since June 26 when county detectives were informed he had been seen in local drinking establishments, a violation of his bail conditions.

“When we received that information, we moved to revoke his bail,” said Assistant District Attorney Tony Ciuca. “He decided to not even fight it and entered a plea.”

The no-contest plea to the vehicular homicide charge means that Treese does not dispute the commonwealth’s version of events, Ciuca said.

“He was initially asking for time to get his affairs in order – we objected he was too much of a public safety risk to be let out, and the judge agreed,” Ciuca said.